We are proud to start representing very soon ONG Collection

Original, hand-crafted pieces that let the unique materials’ characters to speak for themselves. 

Theses creations are timeless and innovative, fusing traditional craft with modern elements, resulting in pieces filled with stories and soul.


Budiman Ong has always been drawn to lighting.

 Keen to follow his passion in exploring different materials’ unique characters, signatures and his passion for modern designs.


38 X 38 X  64 CM / 15" X 15" X 25"

Fitting E27/E26

Bulb type A / LED 7W~60 W Incandescent

Warm white : 2700K- 3000K

Diffuser material : Nylon Zipper



This ethereal light series crafted with zippers manifests ‘broken-symmetry’. This collection is the best representation of our mission: handcrafting poetic yet elegant lighting with a twist of unexpected material choices.

Kelopak pendant has been the most personal and our core product.  Budiman Ong understand the material well enough to challenge ourselves with the biggest possible size the material and technique allow us to make which is 120cm size in diameter.

‘Wonton’ is a new addition to our Alur collection.  It is a prominence food resulted by antiquated Chinese culture and history, a symbolism for auspicious and luck.   The shape is regal important illustrating the ancient Chinese currency yet the look is soft, balanced by two simple wood post – a harmony between two contrasting materials.

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